Mac OS X support

* Please note nameserver, phone numbers, router, and gateway are for only, check with your ISP what these numbers are as they should be similar in structure *

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Note, if you are having trouble staying connected for a period of time, the following application may help:
Keep Connection Alive...this is unsupported, so backup before using.

1. Open the Internet Connect Application, which you will find on the hard drive Mac OS X is installed on under the Applications folder.


You will most likely be greeted with a small window like the one above. If you are, click on the triangle above the Connect button to get the following window:

3. Click on the Edit... button to open Network Preferences.

Service Provider is The Circuit's Edge

4. Telephone # is 387-4012

Your username and password are determined when you setup your account, the username is your Account Name followed by Click Save password, unless you rather write down your password someplace safe and have to type it in each time you connect. Please note charges if you forget your password.
5. Click on PPP options:
Disconnect if idle should be changed to 99 minutes unless you want to have to redial every 15 minutes. You may attempt to connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications, though not all programs support this feature. Be ready to uncheck if you find one of your favorite programs does not. Everything else should be set as above.
* note on some modems unchecking TCP/IP header compression is recommended *

6. Click on OK.

7. Now click where it says TCP/IP

Domain servers are hit the return key and enter right below it If you are configuring using anything other than PPP click on the Using button to switch to Using PPP. Also if you have an external modem, make sure that is selected above the TCP/IP tab, and the port that is in use is selected too.
8. Now click on the modem tab.
Select the modem make from the same location as Apple Internal 56k Modem (v.90) is shown above. If you don't find your modem listed there, and you had a working modem in Mac OS 9, you will want to go to your Mac OS 9 System Folder's Extensions Modem Scripts folder, and make a copy of the modem script that appeared in your Mac OS 9 modem control panel and edit the copy with BBEdit Lite

With BBEdit Lite, you copy the write string from the Mac OS 9 script that works into a copy of a Mac OS X script.

The Mac OS 9 script above shows the line to copy if you find the following line:

!Copy this write over Mac OS X script write line
write "AT&F1E0W2S95=45S0=0&D3S7=60\13"
Take what is in quotes and move it into the Mac OS X script below into the field with quotes
!Replace items AT command below with AT command found in your Mac OS 9 script
write "AT&FE0W1&D3S7=60S0=0\13"

Once you've modified the Mac OS X script, save it into your hard drive Library folder's Modem Scripts folder, and remove the .txt extension from the file name.

9. Back to the Internet Connect application:

Your username and phone number should now be set above after entering it in the Network preferences, and your password will appear as dots. Click on Connect:


It should stay here for awhile until connection is established.

This is your indication it is connected because the Status button shows you are connected. You can hit the yellow button above (not shown)

In this image as it is a screen capture and maximize it from the Dock if you ever need to disconnect. You are now ready to begin surfing and checking your e-mail.