The Circuit's Edge Internet Services is located in Sandy Creek, NY.
TCE is an internet access provider for the central NY area. We maintain a user to modem ratio of better than 5:1.

A standard dial-up account with us includes:
      unlimited dial-up PPP access
      5 megs personal web space (no commercial content)
      Up to 5 Email addresses
      Access to WWW, Email, Usenet, Gopher, FTP, IRC, Online Gaming, etc.

Your AOL or WebTV account can be accessed through a local connection to TCE

Rates & Services:
Internet Access
Standard 56K Dial-up access:$20/month
High speed Wireless Access:
Burstable to 1.5Mbps (1,500K)
$50 Installation
Assistance to setup each computer:$20
Additional Mailbox:First 5 Free with access$5/Month
Hosting Services
Commercial websites (up to 20MB):$15/monthwww.tcenet.net/yourname
Including Email Server,
Web Statistics, and DNS service
$20/month + $20 setupwww.yourname.com
Additional Web space:$5 per 50MB/month
Combination & Miscellaneous Services
Dial-up access with commercial Website$35/month
Wireless access with commercial Website$55/month
Domain Registration$18/year.com, .net, .org
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Operators of The Circuit's Edge:
System Administrator (new accounts, support): Send Email
Network Engineer: Send Email

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