Shareware/Freeware Internet Utility Links

   Netscape Download the latest version of Navigator/Communicator from Netscape
  EudoraEudora Email professional software and freeware
TCE Internet Setup TCE Internet Setup - Automatically reconfigures your PC (using Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista) with the optimal settings for TCE Internet Access
    mIRC mIRC - Internet Relay Chat software
Netterm Telnet Application for connecting to remote systems and BBS's Upgrade your 56K modem for v.90 to take advantage of TCE's high speed connections
 Trumpet Winsock Trumpet Winsock - to connect with Win 3.x systems
   WS_FTP WS_FTP - Software for transferring files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Net Nanny Net Nanny - Software to restrict access you deem inappropriate for your children.
    WebTv Web Tv - Setup a WebTV system for Internet with TCE
    mac iMac - Setup an iMac, G3 or G4 Macintosh with OS8.5 or higher
    Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird Setup

Registration Form for NEW Customers - Print, complete, and return this form to open a new account.
This form is for new customers' records for basic TCE info
Instructions for setting up Dial-up Networking
Intstructions for setting up your Internet applications for TCE