Tcenet Thunderbird 1.x Setup Instructions
For Windows 95, 98, 98se, Millenium, NT4, 2000, and XP
Mozilla Thunderbird is a stand alone email client, and does not include web browsing capabilities.

Installing Thunderbird on Windows 95, 98, 98se, Millenium, NT4, 2000, or XP
Click on the button for your Operating system.
Then click on the Thunderbird install button. This will launch the Thunderbird 1.x installer.

Welcome to the Mozilla Thunderbird Setup Wizard:
Click "Next".
Software License Agreement:
Read the Software License Agreement.
Click on "I Accept the terms of the License Agreement".
Click "Next".
Setup Type:
Click on "Standard".
Click "Next".
Click "Next".
Install Complete:
Check the box for "Launch Mozilla Thunderbird".
Click "Finish".

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for your Tcenet email account:

Import Setting and Mail Folders from:
If you would like to import your mail settings
and email from another mail program.
Select the program you would like to import
this information from.

Or, select "Don't import anything", if this is the only
mail program you are setting up on this computer.

Click "Next".
New Account Setup:
Click on "Email account".
Then click "Next".
Enter your the name you want to appear in the "From:"
field of the messages you sond out.
This can be your real name, nickname, or company name.
Enter your Tcenet Email address.
Click on "Next".
Server Information:
Click on "POP",
Incoming Server: enter "".
Outgoing Server: enter "".
Click "Next".
Incoming and Outgoing Usernames:
Enter the username for the mailbox you are setting
this profile up for in both fields.
(Your username is your email address without the part).
Click "Next".
Account Name:
Enter the name by which you want to refer to this
account. You can use something like "Joe's Email".
The default name will be your email address.
Click "Next".
You have successfully setup Mozilla Thunderbird
for your email account.
Uncheck "Download messages now".
Click "Finish".
If you get this screen.
Uncheck "Download messages now".
Click "Yes" if you want to make Thunderbird your default
mail program
Click "No" if you do not.

Turning off SMTP Authentication:
You will want to turn off the SMTP authentication in thunderbird.
Follow the instructions below.

Turning off SMTP Authentication:
With Thunderbird open. Click "Edit".
On the left, click on "Outgoing Server (SMTP)".
On the right, uncheck "Use name and password".
Set "Use secure connection" to "No".
Click "Ok".

You can turn this setting back on in the future
by simply rechecking "Use name and password", and
entering your username.
You are now ready to use Mozilla thunderbird to send and recieve your Tcenet email.