Setting up Netscape Navigator for TCE.

Double click on the Netscape Icon. Now, in Netscape 4, click on Edit then Preferences... In the Navigator category, where it says Homepage Change Location: to

Now click Mail & Groups. Next, click on Identity then enter your Email address. Now, Mail Server... Both incoming and outgoing mail server should be set to the Mail Server username is just your login ID.

Click OK. Setup for Netscape Navigator is now complete, you may close Netscape.

Setting up Internet Explorer for TCE.

Double click on the Explorer Icon. Now, in Explorer, click on View then Internet Options... Where it says Homepage Change Address: to

Click OK. Setup for Internet Explorer is now complete, you may close Explorer.

Setting up Eudora Lite for TCE.

Double Click the Eudora icon. In Eudora click on Tools then Options. For Pop account enter your full Email address ( Then click the Hosts button and change the SMTP server to and for Pop Account enter your full Email address. Next click "Checking Mail" Change "Check for Mail every" to 30. This will allow Eudora to automatically check your Email when you open Eudora. You may check the Save Password option so that Eudora checks your mail without prompting you each time for your password. Click OK. You may now close Eudora.

Setting up Trumpet Winsock (Win 3.x users).

Double click on the Connect icon. Click on File -> Setup. You will need to set "slip port" to your modem's COM port. Click OK. Now click Dialer -> setup.cmd Enter your username, password, and 387-6644 as the phone number. Next click Dialer -> Options and select login and logout on demand. Also set SLIP inactivity timeout to 30. Click OK. Now close Trumpet Winsock. The next time you double-click the "connect" icon, your modem should connect to the internet via TCE.