Setup Instructions for WebTv Internet Access
Now that you have it unpacked and plugged in.

You have created a user account with TCENet (for using your Own Internet Service Provider).

First you must call the WebTv's long distance number to complete the signup and update your WebTv software. The phone number is encoded in your package (or listed below) and is needed for your first call to update/setup the software in the WebTv unit. This should only take a couple minutes, the instructions are listed below..

1. From your WebTV home page, select "Setup" from the sidebar.

2. In Setup, select "Dialing."

3. From this dialing options page, choose "Use Your ISP."

If you do not have the "Use your ISP" option, contact Customer Care at 1-800-GO-WEBTV to activate OpenISP.

4. Read the information about OpenISP and select "Continue."

5. Continue reading, and select "Continue."

6. Continue reading, and select "Continue."

7. Enter TCENet's ISP account info:
Click the checkbox to activate "own internet service provider"
Enter "The Circuit's Edge" (service provider name)
Enter your login name plus
and password, as supplied by TCE
Enter the modem dial-in number: 387-4012
additional backup number (leave blank)
Choose "Done"

8. WebTV hangs up and reconnects. Read the information screen and select "Use ISP."

9. Internet terminal connects to the WebTV Network. A confirmation screen will summarize your choice and provide you with the option to use your own ISP or use WebTV. Selecting "Use your ISP" will cause the WebTV Internet Terminal to redial using your ISP.
10. You're setup and ready to get connected!
When you redial it should connect to The Circuit's Edge.

Setting up POP3 mail

You should setup remote mail on your WebTV terminal. This will allow you to use your existing Email account on TCENet. Generally we will send you correspondance at your TCENet address.

To enable remote mail, you should:

1) Go into your Mail window.
2) Click on "Settings" on the left hand side.
3) Click on "Remote mail", then click "Continue".
4) Fill in the "POP3 User Name", which will be your TCE account name. It will use all lowercase letters.
5) Fill in the "POP3 Password" with your TCE password.
6) Fill in the "POP3 Server Name" with "" (without the quotes).
7) There's a checkbox for "Leave messages on server". You would normally want this unchecked.
8) Click "Done".

Now that you've setup remote mail, you will have a "Fetch" button on the left hand side of your mail window which will fetch your TCENet email.

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